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二〇一四年暑假里边,小编走遍了全副阿拉伯埃及共和国(The Arab Republic of Egypt)(The Arab Republic of Egypt),作为exploringtourism的一员,我们将大家的远足以博客方式记录下来,现附上多

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二〇一四年暑假里边,小编走遍了全副阿拉伯埃及共和国(The Arab Republic of Egypt)(The Arab Republic of Egypt),作为exploring tourism的一员,我们将大家的远足以博客方式记录下来,现附上多少个景区的详实介绍。

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One of the entrance

temples of Karnak is the biggest group of temple in Egypt. It cover an area of more than 2 square kilometers, as thepraying center for main god of Amun and his wife Mut and Khonsu. One of theimportant features of this temple is the ram-headed sphinxes as the representof the God Amun.

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A La Shan, this land is xanadu of modern society, people are always so simple and pure, It’s pure like the badain jaran desert, no matter who came here, will feel they are hospitality and warm, if you don't believe me, that can come to this feeling.

apart from the god, every Pharaoh from olddynasty also built temples of themselves. One of the most famous one is Ramsis(the second) who is the most powerful and famous Pharaoh in the history. Heunite the upper and lower Egypt and control it more than 60 years, and aninteresting story of him is he has 111 sons, 67 wives and 56 daughters, what astrong man hah:)

最先最初幻想沙漠是在小学民乐队弹拨乐合奏的一首曲子,叫《驼铃响叮当》,两年级毕业前,小编考完了中阮业余的一体考级,那时候,恩师郁馨深知笔者极爱一首阮独奏曲,所以在不菲十级曲目中,她为自个儿选拔了《丝绸之路驼铃》。 塞外是大家这几个坐在萝叶半遮的纱窗下的人所难明白的地方,由宁夏咸阳开往内蒙阿拉善左旗,还未察看沙漠,首先震动了本身的却是大厝山。小车狂奔在国道上,前边空无一个人,离洞庭西山近了部分,脑海中能够想到的,竟然是卫仲卿策马狂奔,待到小车沿着国道经过三边境海关,便只感觉一扫胸中苦恼。这里有着的是一种不得以把之移到房内Computer汉语字里的东西。 大瑶山被甩至身后。先导照旧与许昌相似的大漠,只过了会儿,沙丘充满了视觉所触的每五个角落,七个个沙浪向前一层又一层涌动着的时候,笔者目瞪口呆的看着车窗外辽阔的沙漠,难以遏制的微笑。小编终于看到您了!西南塞外的荒漠!远处的龙鹄山在风沙中盲目流露身影,威严矗立。一片是国外无边的黄沙,一片是沙漠荒漠的战场,同样的壮美,区别的体制,却都在它的当前。 从小,父母便带本人随处旅游,要说看过的风光确实不菲,壮阔骇人的风光也是每家每户。可这一次却是特别不一。在奔向大漠深处的途中,一批骆驼自由自在的在荒漠中一身的柏油路上转悠,哪怕有小车稳步跟在它们身后,它们也毫不在乎,只探视您,继续稳步赶路,这种俗尘已经罕见的慢节奏一下便让我们一车的人忍俊不禁了。待到它们到底慢条斯理的让开了路,人却不愿走了,想必骆驼也是欣喜的很了。 沙漠上的强风就好像是平素的,当大家为小车选了一个比较安全的停靠地方,并且双腿走入了大漠的率先步后,沙粒飞扬袭来,漫天盖地的黄沙好疑似在揭破,这里是沙的社会风气,并无你的方寸之地。心里哪个地方还顾得上一切风沙,只狂笑啊喊的奔入了宽阔的沙海中,沙丘上留下了一串清晰的脚印,可只一眨眼武术,就被掩了去。表面包车型地铁沙是炙热的,爬上沙丘是,双腿不自觉陷入深处,脚底只觉沁人的阴凉,卓绝舒服,风沙吹到皮肤上,有如刀割,可却很难在乎,因为灵魂早已醉倒在那沙漠之中了。那在真正的世界中,是不应该有的。沙漠不经常刮起一阵阵旋风,一股一股的,把黄沙卷起好高,像平地冒起的黄烟,打着转在沙漠上海飞机创建厂跑。看得久了,才感到怕人,可又禁绝不住想走的更加深一些。可眼下的戈壁彰显出无数道褶皱的沙浪,一贯延伸到海外暗褐的地平线,无穷数不胜数。站在沙山上,俯视下方,只感觉人类太过渺小,你眼下的已然是你最棒的了。 愿当孤独蔓延世界,只剩叹息时,飞跃城市世间,能瞥见那狼牙月缺到深夜满圆。

The badain jaran desert is known all over the world, this is not the myth. For its "qifeng, singing sand, lake, spring, temple" five point have been all know, how many friends are come , feel its stimulus and magic, people feel it to spirit, nature gives us inspiration. The ups and downs of sand hill, like a dragon in the winding. Ups and downs, like our life, depicting the our life.

The status of scarab near to the pool hasan mystery that if people walk 7 times around it then their dream will cometrue. As the represent of the luck, the scarab also plays an important role offuneral ceremony. Ancient Egyptians will put it on the heart to guard theorigin of wisdom.

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In 2005, the badain jaran desert become ALa Shan national desert geopark core

Different from Temples of Karnak, LuxorTemple is mainly built by Amenhotep (the third) and Ramses (the second). Onething needed to mention is the right side obelisk is taken by France in the19th century, and now is still in the Paris.

I was participated in the Chinese traditional band in my primary school. The band imparted the rudimentary knowledge for desert to me by one song called “echo of the camels’ bell”. I passed all grades for Ruan’s amateurs, the last song Ms. YuXin selected from all level 10 songs for me was a song called “camels’ bells on the silk road”, she picked it because of she found out I loved this song so much when I was 11-years-old. The people who seat beside the half sheltered window by scindapsus aureun like us were difficult to understand grand area beyond the North-West Great Wall. Drive from YinChuan to Alxa Left Banner, He Lan Mountain shocked me firstly even though I didn’t saw the desert yet. We were in fastest speed driving on the national highway because there was no car in front of us. One more step near the He Lan Mountain, one more impression became clearly. It was just like WeiQing was riding on the horse on the grand area beyond the North-West Great Wall. Passed through the three-strategic pass, west and on the land beyond the great wall, the grand land retired clouds open sunlight in people’s mind. It was really hard to transferred the feeling to the word and typing the words into the laptop.冠亚体育娱乐 5He Lan Mountain was threw behind us. There are similar the Gobi Desert as Yin Chuan in the first instance, then, dunes fulfilled my sight after a short period of time. Looking at the layer after layer of sand waves moving forward outside the car window, I became totally blank, and then I couldn’t stop my smile. I finally reached the desert! The grand desert beyond the North-West Great Wall! He Lan Mountain vaguely visible its figure in the strong sand-wind, dignified and erected. The grand desert covered one side of He Lan Mountain; the grand Gobi Desert covered the other side of He Lan Mountain. They were lying at the foot of the mountain with similar grand, but different style.I travelled with my parents when I was a child, so that, I saw a lot of magnificent scenery already. But it was very different in this time. When we on the way penetrated into the desert, a group of camels leisurely walked on the asphalt road in the desert. Even though the car was slowly behind them, they were also do not mind, just staring at the car, slowly continued there desert walk. It was rarely slow in the world. We stopped driving, park our car and staring at them, finally, we cannot help ourselves to stop laughing. After they slowly out of the asphalt road, we were totally forgot we had to go ahead. The camels must be very surprised by humans’thoughts. The wind in desert seems to be very often,when we chose a relatively safe docking position for the automotive and feetinto the first step of the desert, sand flying hit the sky to the earth, sandseems to be in the declaration: here is the world of sand, no place to hide for any other life.冠亚体育娱乐 6I had no time to care about the sand all over the sky because of the wind, I guffaw ran into the vast sand of sea. Astring of clear footprints were left on the sand dunes, only a second, thefootprints were jammed. The surface of the sand is hot, climbed up the dunes.My feet unconsciously fall into the depths, soles soaked into the coolness because of the depth, exceptionally comfortable. The sand blown on the skin washurt enough. No body was care about it because all of the souls of us had already passed out into the desert. It was doesn’t exist in the real world.冠亚体育娱乐 7Desert blew waves of whirlwind, one forone, the sand flew very high, as if the yellow smoke, it was galloped in thedesert. Starring a long period of time, I became afraid of the dessert, but Istill irrepressible to go deeper into the desert. In front of desert, sandwaves showing the numerous folds, it had been extended to the endless of goldenhorizon. Standing on the sand dune, I nearly overlooked a limited part of the desert.I suddenly felt how insignificance the human is. In fact, the currently moment should always be the best moment.When the lonely spread of the world, hopefully we could leap city to see the moon from eclipse became a new moon.

In October 2005, is China's national geographic magazine named "China's most beautiful desert". Known as the "god of curve, the heaven creates magic"

Another thing is this temple combine 3different religions, Egypt mystery, cathedral and Islam. Because of the 3500years history, this temple experienced many times of invasion, which make itbecome so diverse.

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"In 2006 China's most worthy of foreigners to 50 place"one of the,and won the gold medal

After sunset, the desert is much morelovely in the night. The great sand sea is surround by the Siwa oasis. Drivingaway for around 5 minutes, we arrive at the border of dark but shining desert.

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In 2006 by the national tourism administration and the China association for science and explore joint recommendation for the national first batch 17 one of the most representative adventure tourism

The first sight is dark, but then the skyfilled with stars comes. All the planets fixed on its position or shine darkorlight.

In August 2009, approved by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization as "desert world geological park".

The process of setting bonfire is alsointeresting. With igniting by the paper, we put small sticks at the first roundthen round them by big one. After pushing the pot inside, we start to sing andwait for the boiled tea.

Introduce a lot on the network, but no English introduction, let me help foreign friends to introduce in detail the badain jaran desert.

Compared to the night Great sand sea,Safari is much hotter and similar to a traditional feeling of desert. As thefact that it is close to Libya, local government manage this desert strictly,for the permission for each person is 150 EP.

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However, the scenery inside is reallyworthy to this price. Large number of sand mountains cause you feel driving aroller coaster. The soft sand seems can be regarded as a swimming pool.

The badain jaran squaer

Two famous protected lake are inside withtwo easy name. The cold lake and the hot lake. They must be savior for passersin the old time. The reed is the only green in the desert, this small elf addthe life in the yellow world.

The scenic spot

Sun burn much strongly even than thehottest time when it sets. Climbimg on a dune, showeing under the sleeping redlight. It feels magnificent

The badain jaran desert

Sunset from Aftnas Island

Every year in April, the scenic area began to normal operations, the team grouped on duty at the entrance to the desert, welcome domestic and foreign tourists, 5 ~ 6 month there will be a large number of photographers visited, photography, and Beijing university of geosciences, lanzhou university of geosciences research, exploration, more like adventure, life experience of hikers through this miraculous desert.

This island is in a lake near to Siwaoasis. The first step of entering this place is jumping into the spring at theentrance, which can survive you from the hot summer. After that, you can find avine-made chair and order a cup of tea when you are enjoying the cool wind andsunset.

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The mountain of death

The fairy lake of badain jaran

This small mountain is at the north of siwatown. Colourful murals can be seen everywhere in the stonetombs, while some ofthem were destroyed by Romans.

1, padan lake day trip

Most tombs are built at 26th dynasty,Ptolemaic period and Rome period. They also be used as air-raid shelter in 2ndworld war.

Padan lake, also known as "stone lake", beautiful scenery, like a Mosaic in southern margin of the badain jaran desert a resplendent pearl, hence the name. Is the portal of the badain jaran desert and into the hub of the badain jaran desert hinterland. Experience the adventure car surfing, feel the desert mirage, slippery sand experience sand, give you different feeling.

Cleopatra's Bath

Line: desert entrance ﹤===﹥padan lake (about 30 km)

Getting along the pathway of Oracle Temple,you can find the most famous in Siwa-Cleopatra's Bath. Clear spring gathers ina stone pool. All locals and vistors are willing to jump into the deep pool

Car fee: RMB 1000 /one car

By the way, the drink around the pool isdelicious.

Tickets: RMB 100 /one person

Fortress of Shali

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In the center of Siwa is a group of ruinsofMud brick fortress which are built at 13th century. They are made by themisture of mud and salt from the lake.(Picture of salt lake)

The fairy peak of badain jaran

In the hundred years before, there arelittle people who can enter the fortress without death. However, the 3 daysrain in 1926 do much more destroy then enemies did. Now only the lower flooropen as a hotel for vistors.

2.The badain jaran desert one/two/three days

Introduction of Abu Simbel Temple

When you are mild experience after padan lake, to move forward, suv with you go on, enjoy the charm of the badain jaran desert and magic. Tasting the god of sweet spring of YinDeRiTu, enjoy the spectacular will figure lu Everest mount Everest, the world's desert, climb to the summit, it is said that the seven haizi panoramic view of the badain jaran desert thousands of xisha take in everything in a glance. The fairy peak, panoramic bird's eye view of the badain jaran temple, the sacred temple is located in the fairy lake, solemn past ger nestled in her mother's side like a child.

Abu Simbel Temple is located in 280

Line 1: the entrance to the desert to cartap lake, sound, figure - will figure lu mount Everest - the badain jaran temple god springs - Noel figure - coal - desert treasure, entrance

kilometers south of Aswan. It was built during 1300 BC - 1233 BC by RamsesⅡ, who is themost famous pharaoh in the Egyptian history, in order to show the prestige ofthe Egypt and consolidate the status of Egyptian religion. As a part of Nubianmonuments, Abu Simbel Temple was designated as a world heritage site by theUNESCO.

(this line is not recommended, Noel figure to build the hotel, destroy the natural ecological environment)

Due to the construction of the Aswan Dam in1966, Abu Simbel Temple was backward relocated to a mountain, which is 60meters above the river level.

Line 2: desert entrance to cartap lake, sound, figure god springs - will figure lu mount Everest - the badain jaran temple - and embellish the Iraq's day - padan lake - desert entrance

Abu Simbel Temple lies on the west side ofLake Nasser, which is the largest artificial lake in the world.

Fee: 3000 RMB/car , 4000 yuan/car

Abu Simbel Temple consist of Great Temple

Tickets: RMB 220 / person

of RamsesⅡand its subsidiary building,Temple of Hathor.


冠亚体育娱乐,Four colossi of pharaoh RamsesⅡlies in

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front of Great Temple of RamsesⅡ,like the great guards monitoring everything passing by. Beside great

JinGe hotel

colossi of pharaoh RamsesⅡ, there are some shorter statues of his mother Tuya Queen, fondestwife Nefertari and favorite children.

JinGe Hotel

Passing the entrance there is Great

Located in mandela road, across the badain jaran square, near the government street,, the transportation is convenient. Covers an area of 20000 square meters, is accommodation, leisure, catering a whole three-star hotel. Free parking, the area is large, so should be a good choice.

hypostyle Hall. The Emboss on the wall describes the heroism of pharaoh RamsesⅡon the

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battlefield. The words on the north wall represent the famous Battle of Kadesh,

A double room of JinGe hotel

in which pharaoh RamsesⅡencouraged the discouraged army and eventually defeated theirenemy.

The housekeeping department a total of 121 rooms, facilities. Rooms neat and clean, non-smoking room.free broadband and public areas of the free wireless wifi, digital TV, free domestic local and long-distance, let you enjoy the comfortable urbanization star hotel.

Sacred Sanctuary is in the end of the

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